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Applications that produce are created with tools that perform

On time and on budget doesn't just happen. It's true that with extensive development experience achieving those outcomes does become a reflex. Still, producing this result consistently, especially with involved and difficult projects, requires a discipline that comes from careful planning and consistent monitoring of the development process.

episode49 provides software development solutions that benefit our clients by helping them get the most out of their existing technology while developing new applications to better position them for the future. These solutions are most often built as Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) which enables distributed computing environments across many types of computing platforms and applications.

Utilizing .NET technologies, we are able to provide solutions for our clients that are centered on their users and not on the features of the software. Users are presented with a customizable experience that provides access to features and data specific to each user.

We employ Web Services Enhancements to build greater security features using the latest protocols and standards. These security enhanced systems help improve business processes within and beyond corporate trust boundaries.

The result is consistent and reliable final solutions - delivered consistently and reliably.