About e49

The individuals in an organization bring experience that reassures any client that the group is up to the task they need accomplished. While our portfolio shows how we've applied our talents as a team to the development needs of customers, our success follows from what each individual has brought to the work.

The founders of epsiode49 set the pace. Ken Smith and Kurt Schaffer have collaborated on systems development services for regional and national concerns for over twelve years. The clients who they serve focus primarily on consumer services, political action, not-for-profit, and media/broadcasting. They use the flexibility and strength of the Microsoft .NET development environment and MS SQL architecture to provide robust internet and intranet solutions. This is the business experience and technical expertise they bring to every client.

More importantly, Smith and Schaffer brought with them a set of principles disciplining them to understand the business of each client, have solid and repeatable methods of development that bring about predictable results, and consistently apply a customer service regimen that assures completion when and how a client wants it. As evidenced in the profiles, each key member of the team brings a background that enhances these practices, and deepens the overall understanding and delivery of them.