episode49 has been providing business solutions through custom digital development since 1997. We've grown with the advance of software creation environments. From experience with open source, we evolved on to pure object-oriented programming (which provides rapid development through reusability), utilizing a wide array of database platforms. As our clients' needs dictated high performance and reliability, with a focus on enterprise systems, we've attained expertise in ASP and .NET for application creation, and MS SQL for database work.

If the technical descriptions here mean nothing, remember that our customers needed robust, dependable systems that would evolve as their business changes, and we responded by committing to and mastering the technologies that will last, grow and perform.

Our strength is in knowing how to relate technology to business needs. This skill extends beyond simply applying the tools to the process. We offer solutions that are the result of enterprise specialized experience.

We serve companies in many industries, using specific packages and technologies. We've learned the most effective ways to arrive quickly at desired outcomes, and acquired situation specific expertise in the process. When we have developed an industry leading competency, we have produced unique services that now stand alone as product solutions.