Political Action

episode49 has supported conservative political action for several years. Nowhere are the stakes higher for realtime information. The information that is managed is huge, and must be easily accessed at locations throughout the country - and accessed quickly, usually by people with limited or no training. Election day is the ultimate deadline, with systems having to be available and working in time to make a difference.

The systems we create provide the engine to move campaigns forward. The applications present, communicate and organize the vital details of evolving efforts to involve the people you want in the political process. Working with the information the systems deliver, volunteers can reach out to provide the contact and messages necessary to motivate Americans to participate in elections intelligently.

Our background in creating these action-directed sites has helped us in improving the robustness of not-for-profit systems.

Because of our continuing commitment to our political action clients, episode49 only accepts development from political organizations whose mission is consistent with our existing client base.