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Retro Television

Luken Communications aquired Retro Television in June 2008. In early 2009, Luken Communications contracted episode49 to do a complete branding package to create a completely new logo and brand for the television network. We provided 3 to 4 logos customized for each of 4 decades of programs that Retro Television airs.

RTV first went on the air in July of 2005 in Little Rock, Arkansas. From that first day they knew they had something very special- the best programming of all time on one channel all day long. RTV quickly began launching stations across the country, culminating with its nationwide roll-out in the fall of 2007.

Since that time RTV has continued to launch stations at an amazing pace and is now proud to be on, what we consider, the best stations across the United States. RTV can now be seen in Atlanta, Seattle, Orlando, Buffalo, Eugene, Myrtle Beach, Spokane, Detroit, St. Louis, and beyond.

Do you miss watching classic episodes of the A-Team, Leave It To Beaver, Knight Rider and much more? Catch your oldie episodes on RTV.