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Drivers for Savings

Drivers for Savings is a broad-based and nonpartisan coalition of individuals and organizations working together to offer people a choice in the level of Personal Injury Protection coverage they are required to buy.

"We came to episode49 with a project on a very tight deadline and a high-profile public launched scheduled and unable to be changed. Not only did they meet our deadline, they beat it, and not without having to jump many uncontrollable hurdles. Our client was thrilled, and I was impressed with their work from beginning to end." Matt Resch, Vice President, The Sterling Corporation

By offering the simple ability to choose, drivers will save money, fewer people will be faced with having to drive illegally and with no coverage at all, and Michigan's no-fault insurance system will be made stable for the future.

Elected officials like Democratic Congresswoman Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick from Detroit, Republican State Senator Alan Sanborn from Macomb County and Democratic State Representative Virgil Smith from Detroit support Drivers for Savings.

Leaders like Rev. Horace L. Sheffield, III, of the Detroit Association of Black Organizations, Bill Ross of the Booker T. Washington Business Association and N. Charles Anderson of the Detroit Urban League support Drivers for Savings.

Organizations like the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, Michigan Sheriffs Association, Small Business Association of Michigan, National Federation of Independent Business – Michigan, Saginaw Chamber of Commerce, Detroit Area Agency on Aging and the Detroit Urban League support Drivers for Savings.