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American Solutions for Winning the Future

In February of 2007, American Solutions awarded the contract for complete website development of www.americansolutions.com to episode49 partnered with The Bivings Group.

The purpose of the new website is to promote the vision of the Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich of American Solutions for Winning the Future. Although American Solutions is chaired by Gingrich, the website is not authorized by any candidate, or candidate committee. American Solutions is based on the premise that the wealthiest economy and the most powerful nation in the world needs answers to America's problems the size of America's potential.

Initially, the site was built as an online version of a brochure. Given the vision and nature of the website, the development team added more features. First, you'll find the opportunity to make monetary contributions to the cause utilizing Authorize.net, an online payment gateway allowing merchants to accept credit card and online check transactions. With this feature, episode49 created a powerful administrative interface that will allow the user to search, sort and export donations. As well, they included the ability to export a file that can easily be imported into QuickBooks for accurate accounting. Second, as a user of the site, you're given the option to sign up to receive news and action item information. Finally, the site was equipped with a custom content management solution that provides the webmaster ease of use when updating content adding web casts and other media.