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Arts and Labs

episode49, partnered with The Bivings Group, continues to make a lasting impact in the online advocacy arena. Their most recent project stretched out to the digital entertainment world.

Arts+Labs is a collaboration between technology and creative communities that have embraced today's rich Internet environment to deliver innovative and creative digital products and services to consumers. From the early development of motion picture technology, voice recordings and radio to today's 3D computer graphics, streaming digital movies, “on-demand” entertainment, online games, news and information, innovative technologies and creativity have always gone hand in hand to enrich our understanding and appreciation of arts, entertainment and culture.

This unique partnership between technology companies and creators is dedicated to educating and informing consumers about the vast array of online entertainment and information choices available to them as well as the Internet's potential to deliver safe, fast, legal and affordable content. At the same time, Arts+Labs is working to educate consumers about how net pollution – spam, malware, computer viruses and illegal file trafficking – threatens to transform the Internet from an essential catalyst to safely deliver this content to consumers, into a viral distribution mechanism that will choke off the Internet for consumers and future innovators and creators alike.