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Climate Task Force

The U.S. Climate Task Force (CTF) was created to be a leading voice in the discussion of policy options available to contain the risks of climate change. By offering a unique forum for original research and stakeholder engagement, CTF is moving the national climate debate and improving awareness and understanding of the full range of policy options.

CTF is made up of businesses, academics, thought leaders and environmental advocacy groups committed to insuring that the United States government takes the lead in the global effort to combat climate change by enacting legislation that encourages cost-effective technological advances, innovation and efficiency in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

episode49 began work with the CTF to build a comprehensive website upon an open source platform and extending the functionality with a high level of customization. This functionality not only served the public version of the site, but also the administrative interface that allows CTF to take full control of all the content within the new website.