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Learning Makes a Difference Foundation

The mission of the LMD Foundation is to accelerate and enhance knowledge through innovative learning programs:

- By acting as an incubator of ideas.
- By creating, implementing and testing new initiatives.
- By providing funding and support to nonprofit organizations and partners.

Their goal is to bring creative ideas to the LMD Foundation Board of Directors and select a manageable number of pilot programs to work with which might not be considered by larger or more traditional organizations. The LMD Foundation will assist in program creation and implementation with the understanding that our priority will always be to test and evaluate new ideas for results. If pilot programs are successful and sustainable, the LMD Foundation will create a strategy to expand and grow initiatives by taking proven blueprints and results to potential partners.

The Learning Makes a Difference Foundation is a 501©(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2006 by Jackie Cushman and Kathy Lubbers. The idea was inspired by a belief that knowledge is power. Investing in finding creative solutions to some of our most fundamental challenges in education can ultimately improve the future of our country. The LMD Foundation is funded through private donations by individuals, corporations, and foundations.